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I am the most disorganized organized person alive. I love the thought of being organized and believe deep down everything has a place… and should always be in its place. But lets face it, organized is the last thing that my life is right now. Between family, work, school, family  activities, and the chaos that comes from extended family, my life is more disorganized by the minute. I try, I really do, to be organized, but the mess is everywhere and I have become overwhelmed by the “just get it done” syndrome.

One of Those Moms

Yep, I’m one of those moms. Not that I don’t want others to do things around the home, I want them to, trust me. I’m exhausted after working, attending class, working on my weekly web show, taxing kids to and from the daily activity, and whatever is happening at 6pm, that when I get 5 minutes, I want those 5 minutes to enjoy a glass of something other than kool-aid, instead of putting away clothes that have been sitting in the basket for two days. But, that is me at midnight, the mom putting away the two-day old basket clothes because the kids have developed “I forgot” syndrome.

It just seems so much easier to do it myself, then ask, wait, ask again, and it get done half-way, or not done at all.

What does this mean? I’m terrible at delegating. Don’t get me wrong, I do delegate, I’m just terrible at following through and making sure that my kids actually stay on top of things and get the task done. And I’ve learned from experience, if I don’t keep reminding them, it never gets done, regardless of the list given to them, or the chores they know they are responsible for. What it gets down to – I have become a nag and I hate waiting.

Thankfully, Pretty Neat Has a Chapter for that!

When I was given the opportunity to review Pretty Neat by Alicia Rockmore & Sarah Welch, I was probably a bit more excited then I needed to be. Following the Get Buttoned Up site for some time, I relished the thought of maybe not so much conquering the mess, but hopefully finding a balance to at least tame the unruliness. So, you can imagine my relief when I opened up Pretty Neat to begin reading and the word delegate jumped out at me. Of course I jumped ahead and began reading chapter 3.

There is a name for what I am, and others like me, we are Conflicteds. No typo, really. I fall into this category, easily. Delegating is not so much the problem, but the explanation of what I want done and then checking in on the progress, well, that is. And I see this in me 100 percent. Eventually, the follow-up fails, and then I stick myself with the task of doing to get it done. Conflicted!

The good thing – there is help. Alicia and Sarah have set up the delegating chapter in Pretty Neat to give those of us with dreams of conquering their conflicted side an easy step process in being effective delegators. Thank you! I love the word effective. Of course, it is not something that I will conquer overnight, it takes time to break a bad habit, but with each day comes renewed strength.

Pretty Neat is Pretty Neat

I have rattled on about chapter 3 because delegating effectively is one of my more serious downfalls, but Pretty Neat is not just about tackling the clutter at home, Pretty Neat includes organization and de-cluttering in overall life – from home, family, and work. There is no stone left unturned when it comes to giving strategies on creating a balance within all levels of life – reading about learning to say no and making no more excuses express that.

Each chapter is built with a specific focus (like to-do lists, schedules, and work, etc.) and includes successful tips, steps on how to conquer, and real moms expressing their own issues and how they overcame them. I usually have difficulty finding enjoyment in books about organization, but I really did enjoy learning from the experience of Alicia and Sarah because they have been where I am, so I know I’m not alone in the clutter.

Pretty Neat may be about organization, but another theme floats about as well. Throughout reading, I’ve realized that organization is not about being perfect in every area of life, but instead, organization is about the balance in all areas of life.

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